The weight of marriage (part 2). In a traditional Chinese marriage, the groom has the carry the bride. Here in Inner Mongolia. #latergram #china #wedding

The weight of marriage (part 1). In a traditional Chinese wedding, the groom has to carry the bride. Here in Inner Mongolia #china #travel #latergram #wedding

“On the trail, it was different. I knew I was going to be alone; I wanted to be alone—I wanted space to hear myself think. I felt no pressure to make plans, and no self-pity about eating dinner by myself. On the contrary: I treasured the solitude. I woke up when I wanted to, took breaks when my blisters demanded, walked at my own pace, and camped when I was tired. In the mornings I woke between 5am and 6am and savored the silence as I watched the red glow of dawn inch its way over the horizon. And as I walked along alpine ridges, gazing at emerald valleys and elegant peaks, I marveled at having these enchanting places to myself.”

A 500-mile solo hike cured my loneliness

One night in Beijing. (Yes, that’s a snake in a bottle on the bar you see. The resulting cocktail was delicious). #beijing #night #china

There will be no Beijing Independent Film Festival this year. The police and the two dozens of thugs guarding the entrance of the festival, due to be held in Songzhuang starting today, made sure of that. The thugs threatened anyone who came close, preventing us from filming or taking pictures. They broke my video camera, threw water at reporters, threatened us for filming, grabbed cell phones and yelled at everyone. This is the poster of the film festival (停 means “to stop,” ironically) and on the right the two police officers who demanded our passport number and filmed us. Welcome to 2014 China.

The coal-to-gas boom in China, or when the remedy is actually worse than the (environmental) problem. The coal gasification push in China is sparking a global debate… But my AP colleague and I wanted to see firsthand how Mongolian herders locally were coping with the brand new coal-to-gas plant’s acrid smoke and pools of waste water next door. Check my video on AP. #onlyonap #onassignment #china #innermongolia #environment #pollution #coal #energy

The morning catch. Burmese fishermen unloading fish on a beach somewhere between Ngwesaung and Chaung Thar, November 2012. #myanmar #burma #beach #travel #latergram

The firecrackers. Celebrating Chinese New Year in a village in Henan, February 2013. #henan #china #latergram #newyear

Resting in Shwenandaw Kyaung in Mandalay, November 2012. #burma #myanmar #latergram #travel #buddhism #mandalay

Visitors touching rare plant seeds trapped in glass cubes, referring to nature’s precious diversity, inside the pretty cool UK pavilion, Shanghai World Expo 2010. #latergram #china #shanghai #uk


Chinese bride between two dresses, Inner Mongolia June 2014. 

Cable car going up and down the west peak of Hua Shan #china #travel #huashan

Munching on Chifeng’s speciality, 对夹 (dui jia), before leaving to film further into Inner Mongolia’s grasslands #AP #onassignment #innermongolia #food #china

Travelers placed locks and red ribbons on railings all the way from ground to summit on Hua Shan as a symbol of love, good luck, or to mark their ascension #huashan #xian #china #travel